California Education Code Section 44919 requires school districts to hire current certificated staff in walk-on coaching positions prior to any other individual.  If a coaching position are not filled with a MUSD certificated employee, the position can be filled with another individual. 


Information on How to Become Employed as a Coach

  1. Complete necessary Temporary Coaches Application requirement. 

  2. Participate in a selection process with Athletic Directors, Administration and/or head coach..

  3. Human Resources will send all candidates selected for hire a welcome letter and new hire packet once approved by AD, Admin and/or head coach.

  4. All unpaid coaches must be a cleared volunteer. Volunteer Form

  5. Submit all necessary supplemental documentation as required in the new hire process. Welcome Packet

  6. All coaches must be fingerprinted with the Middletown Unified School district. 

    • Fingerprints typically take 3-5 business days for processing time.  But it can take up to 30 days.

  7. When all items have been completed above, your name will be submitted to the School Board for approval.

Once the School Board has approved your hire, you will be notified that you are cleared to begin working as a walk-on coach or volunteer coach.


 Individuals transporting students in a personal or private vehicle must register on an annual basis with the District:

The district may provide transportation for students, employees, and other individuals for field trips and other school-related trips approved according to Board policy and administrative regulation. (AR 3541.1 Transportation for School-Related Trips)

Transportation by Private Vehicle:  The Superintendent or designee may authorize the transportation of students by private vehicle when the vehicle is driven by an adult age 25 or older who possesses a valid California driver's license or, if he/she is a nonresident on active military duty in California, possesses a valid license from his/her state of residence. To be approved, a driver shall have a good driving record and possess at least the minimum insurance. Any person providing transportation to district students in a private vehicle shall register with the district for such purposes. (AR 3541.1 Transportation for School-Related Trips)

Having the following documents readily available when completing the form will help expedite the submission process:

- Copy of valid California Driver's License
- Copy of valid Vehicle Insurance of Personal Vehicle, the includes insurance limits.

This form must be completed annually in order to be considered eligible to drive students in a personal and/or district vehicle.
A copy of your responses will be automatically sent to the email address you enter in this form.